Approved Breeders List

The ABC Approved Breeders List is a service provided as a courtesy to our members and the public.

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Approved Breeders List

The ABC Approved Breeders List is a service provided as a courtesy to our members and the public.

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The ABC is responsible for the preservation, protection, and promotion of the Boerboel and its’ standard. The standard is a written description which creates the image of the perfect Boerboel in the mind’s eye. The breed standard is the ideal for which all reputable breeders strive. Please read the AKC Boerboel breed standard to learn what characteristics are desirable, and which are considered disqualifications.

Breeders listed are members of the ABC who have agreed to adhere to our Code of Ethics, which is signed prior to being granted member status. Although we hope our members will comply with our goal of excellence in breeding, the ABC, its officers, and board of directors do not assume responsibility for the quality, health, or temperament of any dog, nor for the warranty, guarantee, integrity, honesty, or reliability, either expressed or implied, by any person whose name appears on this list. All such warranties, guarantees, and promises are between the buyer(s) and seller(s). We encourage all buyers to be well informed prior to adding a Boerboel to their household and to exercise prudent business decisions in purchasing a puppy or dog.

For any transaction involving Boerboels, you should have a written contract (NOT an e-mail), mutually agreed upon, and signed by all parties involved. Purchasing a Boerboel is a business transaction and a contract is a means of laying out the terms of the purchase. Contracts generally include a health guarantee, return policy, identification of the dog being purchased, information on AKC registration, and a 3-generation pedigree.

The ABC reserves the right to refuse or withdraw without notice any breeder’s listing which operates in violation of the ABC Code of Ethics or who is not in good standing with the AKC or the ABC.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are considering adding a Boerboel to your family, you might also want to consider adopting a Boerboel who is in need of a home. One rescue we recommend is Giant Paws Boerboel Rescue.

BREEDERS PLEASE NOTE: There is an annual fee of $25.00 for inclusion on the published Approved Breeders List.

If you have any questions regarding the Approved Breeders List, please contact us.

Black Iron Boerboels
Shelby Flynn
Fairmount, IN
(765) 661-1269

Centurion Boerboels
Kerri Dale
Blue Ridge, GA
(404) 323-0094

Coomore Boerboels
Dan Diplock
Lake View, NY

Egoli Boerboels
Yetti Payne
Stillwater, OK
(405) 780-5196

Mizpah Boerboels
Contact info coming!

Paragon Boerboels
Seattle, WA

Platinum Boerboels

Tall Oaks Kennels
Beverly Shupe
Bowling Green, VA
(804) 633-9612

Wilby Boerboels
Kate Nicholson
Charlotte, NC
(980) 621-2225