Below is the process to obtain ABC / AKC Registration.


Below is the process to obtain ABC / AKC Registration.

The following is the process to obtain ABC / AKC Registration.


Must Provide...

As part of the form below, you will need to provide the American Boerboel Club (ABC) with a copy of your current registration showing the dog is registered in your name, a picture of your dog, and a copy of your dog’s three-generation pedigree from the registering organization. If your dog has ANY black dogs within its’ pedigree, it will NOT be able to be registered with the ABC or AKC. We accept registrations from the following organizations only: BABBS, Boerboel International, BUK, and SABBS (excluding development register dogs).


DNA Profile

Also required for registration is the submission of your dog’s DNA profile.

NOTE: Dogs that have already processed their DNA through another provider and have the DNA profile number listed on their registration/pedigree will not have to submit an additional DNA analysis.


Processing Time

This process will take several weeks to complete. To eliminate delays in processing ABC registrations, please do your best to have all of your information prepared before completing the form below.  Of course, if there are any issues or you need to send any additional information, you can send to  ABC registrations are processed once a month.  



After completing the form below, you will be transferred to another page where you can make payment.  Pricing is:

Non-ABC Member:  $100 per dog
ABC Member:  $50 per dog


Registration Form

Please complete the registration form below...